Young Archeologists


Lydbury Mill is mentioned in the Domesday Book and after consulting various maps it was thought that the most likely site was to the south of Lowr Gardens as shown on a map of Walcot dated 1704.

The Mill site excavation is progressing well in spite of the slight disturbance caused by the cows and sheep who pay no attention to the red and white tape! It is hope that we will be able to remove the rubble from the site to reveal the walls as soon as the whole site has been recorded.


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Future Meetings

Directions to LydburyThere will be a meeting at Lower Gardens on 10th December at 7.00pm for the AGM followed by a slide show and social evening.

There is field work (or finds washing if wet) on Thurs 26th, Fri 27th November, Mon 7th & Tues 8th December and Tues 15th & Fri 18th December